Normande Lighting HS5-2098A Banker’s Lamp Review

Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp

Normande Lighting HS5-2098A Bankers LampWhat every work desk, study desk or office desk needs is a good banker’s desk lamp that effectively lights up their work area while adding a sense of elegance to their desk tops as well. This is exactly what the Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp offers users. Its chrome finish adds a modern touch to any desk, while providing its user with enough light to get work done with more ease and comfort.

Key Features

  • Stands 16 inches tall
  • Weighs only one pound
  • Comes with a 3-watt bulb included
  • Comes with a line on/off switch
  • Modern chrome color
  • Brushed steel finish
  • Adjustable arm and stand

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A necessity for any well used desk top is a good banker’s desk lamp. The Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp offers users an easy way to light up any working area, allowing thesis papers, articles, balance sheets, laboratory reports and hundreds of other work to be done in more comfort and ease.

This lamp comes in a beautiful chrome color with a brushed steel finish that easily fits into any modern office and home. The lamp weighs only one pound, making it easy to carry from room to room. It stands at 16 inches tall, allowing it to effectively light up a wider area.Normande Lighting HS5-2098A Bankers Lamp

Both the arm and the stand of the Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp are user friendly and adjustable. This allows customers to adjust the lamp to light up only the exact place they need to have lit up. The lamp does not shine in your eyes or in any other distracting places.


  • The lamp does not take up a lot of space, and fits neatly and easily on any desk top.
  • The 3-watt bulb provides users with enough light they need in order to finish any work they need to have done.
  • Since this is a LED lamp, it does not heat up as easily as halogen lamps, and is therefore much friendlier to a user’s touching and handling.


Something users have noticed about this lamp is that the Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp gives off a bluish light. Customers have noted that this feature is easy to get used to, but some people may not appreciate this and prefer a white light instead.

Customer Reviews

Majority of users who have reviewed this product are satisfied with how the lamp looks and works. It lights up the area it is supposed to, comes with a sturdy and modern-looking build, does not heat up easily and comes with a free light bulb. Some comments have been written about the color of the lamp’s light, which is bluish instead of white.

“This lamp is just great to use to illuminate the music scores at night for piano players. Plenty of light as needed but never a nuissance for your eyes. Superior to the conventional classical used before.”

Nemen M. Terc, Amazon Customer Review

“My husband bought this lamp for his desk and it provides great lighting. We needed something extra in his office and we’re very happy with this lamp.”

Meremack, Amazon Customer Review

The Normande Lighting HS5-2098A has been reviewed by 16 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Overall, if you are looking for a well-working, modern desk lamp for your children or for yourself, then the Normande Lighting HS5-2098A 3W LED Banker’s Desk Lamp is a practical buy for you.

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