Normande Lighting BL1-103 Bankers Lamp Review

Normande Lighting BL1-103 60-Watt Banker’s Lamp

Normande Lighting BL1-103 Bankers Lamp Whether you are looking for a good lamp to light up your work desk, your daughter’s piano keys, your college son’s study desk or simply wish to light up a dark room, the Normande Lighting BL1-103 Banker’s Lamp is a very effective and elegant answer.

Many lamps you can buy nowadays light up well, but what makes this particular banker’s lamp out of the ordinary is its beautiful classic dark coffee finish, which immediately adds a touch of class and elegance to any room you put it in. It mixes efficiency and beauty in a way that makes it the perfect complement to any room. This item is a great gift idea as well.

Key Features

  • Uses 60-watt type T bulb
  • Stands 14 inches tall
  • Weighs only 4 pounds
  • Comes with a pull chain switch
  • Finished in a classic dark coffee color
  • Comes with a beautiful Mica shade

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One thing that users immediately notice about this lamp is how beautiful and elegant it looks. The classic dark coffee color and finish gives it a timeless elegant appearance that is the perfect addition to any study room, living room or office.

The Mica shade looks beautiful when the lamp is turned on, casting a red glow over your desktop area.

Aside from its sophisticated design, the Normande Lighting BL1-103 Lamp is efficient as well, lighting up the area you want to light up with a simple pull of its pull chain switch. You can swivel the hood to change the direction wherein the light will shine, whether it is more towards you or more towards the desk. This allows users to control the exact place they want to light up.

Normande Lighting BL1-103 Bankers Lamp The lamp is also user friendly, for not only is it’s built classy and effective, but sturdy as well. Despite its elegant appearance, this banker’s lamp does not easily break down or cease to function. It lasts for a long time, with only the bulbs needing replacing every now and them. The bulbs themselves, not included when this lamp is purchased, are very inexpensive, and should be extremely easy to look for.

Another good feature about this lamp is that its shade does not become too hot, like other lamps do. This allows the lamp to be easily handled and touched even when turned on.


  • The beautiful appearance of the Normande Lighting BL1-103 60-Watt Banker’s Lamp cannot be overlooked. Customers love how it adds class to any area.
  • It acts as the perfect accent to any desktop or room.
  • The lamp uses 60-watt bulbs which allow it to supply users with more than enough light to work with.


Some users commented that they did not appreciate the plastic shade of the Normande Lighting BL1-103 Banker’s Lamp.

Customer Reviews

Majority of users who have reviewed this baker’s lamp are more than satisfied with both its appearance and its effectiveness. The lamp looks great, and works well in lighting up any area you need to have lit up. Some users were disappointed in the plastic build of the shade, expecting a glass shade instead.

“This lamp exceeded our expectations. As other reviewers have stated it looks as good as similar lamps costing triple the price. It was substantially wrapped to prevent any damage and arrived in perfect condition We opened the wrapping, put in the proper bulb (also available from Amazon), plugged it in and, voila! It was perfect.”

Bob and Jean, Amazon Customer Review

“I read the product reviews prior to ordering this lamp and after considering the pros and cons, decided to go for it. The item arrived promptly and in good shape. There was no glue markings or scratches on the plastic cover and the pull chain is smooth and functional. So far, it is working great and looks beautiful on my big wooden desk.”

Becky Fartash, Amazon Customer Review

The Normande Lighting BL1-103 has been reviewed by 378 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add class to your work desk, then the Normande Lighting BL1-103 Banker’s Lamp is a practical buy for you. This lamp both looks good and works well.

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