Living Accents Bankers Lamp Review

Living Accents Bankers Lamp

Living Accents Bankers LampAn essential accessory to any well-used desk is a lamp that provides a user with all the light he/she could need to finish reports, write-ups, spread sheets, assignments and all other types of projects and assignments. Not all of us are lucky enough to finish all the things we need to finish during the day, and instead stay up well into the night to tackle our growing workloads. For this, you need a great lamp.

The Living Accents Bankers Lamp is just this sort of lamp that not only adds light into your home and office, but class and sophistication as well.

Key Features

  • Stands at 13 ¼ inches tall
  • Weighs four pounds
  • Utilizes a 60-watt bulb
  • Brushed steel
  • Frosted white glass shade
  • Pull socket chain switch

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The Living Accents Bankers Lamp is a tall lamp, standing at 13 ¼ inches, that easily shines an ample amount of light over your desk and laptop in order for you to get your work done during the night or in rooms with poor lighting. No longer do you have to strain closer to the table to see your work in progress. The 60-watt bulb is more than bright enough to lighten up even the most intricate of details you may need to work with.

The design of this banker’s lamp is gender friendly and versatile, and will easily complement and fit into virtually any room design. The overall width of the lamp is 11 inches, allowing it to fit neatly on any desk or table top. The frosted white glass lamp shade provides the room with a warm glow, instead of harsh lighting.

The pull socket chain switch is an easy way to turn the lamp on and off, conveniently located for easy access.

Living Accents Bankers LampPros

  • Many users enjoy the overall look of this lamp, and how easily it fits into their room décor.
  • The lamp provides enough light to easily brighten up any study or work area. Users have also noted that the lamp is tall enough to shine over a regular sized laptop with ease.


Some users find the lamp shade too fragile for their taste.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Living Accents Bankers Lamp has received majority of positive reviews. Users enjoy both how the product looks and how it works. It easily provides enough light to work with and not strain your eyes.

“I was looking for a classy, simple lamp for my recently redecorated office. I love the look of banker’s lamps, but I hate the bronze color or how they barely light up. This lamp is fantastic – with a bright CFL bulb and the white shade, I get plenty of light that isn’t harsh or overpowering. Assembly isn’t tough, just screw in the post connecting the shade support and the base (and pull the cord through the bottom). Easy peasy. Highly recommended!”

V. Lefevers, Amazon Customer Review

“Easy assembly and looks just like the image and came pretty quickly also. This item is priced at a great price also. Love it perfect fit for my home office.”

Jacquelyn Dash, Amazon Customer Review

The Living Accents Bankers Lamp has been reviewed by 107 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


All in all, if you are looking for a nice looking lamp that will easily illuminate your work desk, then the Living Accents Bankers Lamp is a practical buy for you to look into.

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