Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp Review

Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp

Lite Source LS-224PB Bankers LampWhat better way to light up a table or a desk top than with a beautiful banker’s lamp? You can now work late into the night without wasting money and energy lighting up the entire room when you only need a small space to work in.

All you need is the Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp to provide ample lighting right onto your work area and you’re good to go. No more squinting and poor lighting for you.

Key Features

  • Stands nearly 15 inches tall
  • Weighs seven pounds
  • Equipped with a green glass shade
  • Polished brass body
  • Works with 1 x 13 Watt E27-socket CFL-type bulb

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A good lamp is a necessity for any well-used desk top, piano table or computer surface. This allows you to work with good lighting, without wasting money lighting up the entire room.

The Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp stands 15 inches tall. This height is enough to provide a user with a wider working area than smaller lamps. The weight of this product, seven pounds, adds to the durability of the lamp and prevents in from toppling over due to sudden movements or jerks. This will save you the worry of having your lamp fall to the ground and shatter.Lite Source LS-224PB Bankers Lamp

The polished brass body of this banker’s lamp adds class and elegance to any room. The design of the Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp allows it to easily fit into any home or office décor. The green glass shade of the product adds a touch of color to the overall design as well.


  • Many users enjoy the overall look of the Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp, saying that it makes a great accent to any table top or surface.
  • The lamp stand is higher than most lamps, which allows it to shine over a wider surface, providing the user with a larger lit up area to work with.
  • The lamp has weight to it as well, preventing it from easily toppling over.


Customers would have appreciated it more if the light bulb for this lamp was already included in the overall package.

Customer Reviews

More than 80% of the reviews that the Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp has received are positive. Users seem to enjoy how this product looks and how well it works. Some users have complained over the item’s high price, and over how the light bulb does not come included with the lamp.

“Simple yet nice little table lamp for work…just that the come along bulb had to be replace with different country type of electrical supply”

Rty, Amazon Customer Review

“Fast shipping, well packaged beautiful lamp. As advertised. I bought this one because the lamp shade stem was a bit taller than some of the others raising the bulb height. Excellent choice! Lighting is perfect! Quality is superb!”

Curtis R Franks, Amazon Customer Review

“I was amazed to find that my order came so quickly! The lamp was in mint condition, and it was simply beautiful. Everything exceeded my expectations! I can’t wait for my husband to get his lamp at Christmas!”

Deborah, Amazon Customer Review

The Lite Source LS-224PB Bankers Lamp has been reviewed by 15 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here for more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


All in all, the Lite Source LS-224PB Banker’s Lamp is an excellent buy if you are looking for a sturdy and efficient banker’s lamp that is nice to look at as well.

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